649 Fourth Line, Unit3, Oakville, ON L6L 5B3

Dine in -Take Out - Catering

  • Drinks


Can Pop Bottle Water

Can Pop Bottle Water. 1.99

Bottle Pop

Bottle Pop. 2.99

Apple, Orange

Apple, Orange. 2.99

Mango Juice

Mango Juice. 2.99

Yogurt Drink Soda

Yogurt Drink. 2.99


Perrier. 2.99

Domestic Beer

Budweiser, Molson Canadian. 7.99

Kombucha Tea

Brewed sweetened tea in house with pure pomegranate flavor. 4.99

Imported Beer

Heineken, Stella, Alexander Keiths. 8.99

Mixed Drinks

blackfly Tequila Margarita 400ml. bottle 5.99
blackfly Vodka Cranberry 400ml. bottle 5.99
Jack Daniels Cola Whiskey Beverage 473ml can 5.99


Thalia Wine (Red, White) 187ml. 9.99

Wine bottle

Wine bottle (Red, White) 750ml. 29.99
Wine bottle (Red) 750ml. 29.99

We are now offering Shisha bar after 3:00 PM 14.99

**Please notify us of any allergies**

Shiraz Yellow Tail

Red Wine 750ml Bottle 34.99

Vvon Mau Red wine

Red Wine 750ml Bottle 34.99

Il Sestante Ripasso Valpolicella

Red Wine 750ml Bottle 34.99

Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio

White Wine 750ml Bottle 34.99

Fontana Di Papa Merlot Red Wine

750ml Bottle 34.99

Yellow tail Pinot Grigio

White Wine 750ml Bottle 25.99


Motts Clamato caesar Original 355ml Bottle 4.99

Wine Cooler

Smirnoff Ice 350ml Bottle 5.99