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Zagros Wraps & Sandwiches

A skewer of Grilled or Rotisserie marinated tender meats, served on soft fresh pita bread or lettuce with assorted vegetables, sauces.
Chicken Souvlaki* 11.99
Lamb Souvlaki* 12.99
Chicken Shawarma* 10.99
Beef Shawarma* 11.99
Doner Kabab* 11.99
Gyro Wrap*11.99
Koobideh Beff Wrap*11.99
Koobideh Chk.Wrap*11.99
Veggies Wrap 7.99
Falafel Wrap/Falafel Gluton Free Wrap* 8.99
Shawarnini ( with focaccia bread )10.99
Zagros Beef Panini ( with focaccia bread )11.99
Zagros Cheese Steak( with focaccia bread)11.99
We now offer Gluten Free for all the above sandwiches with Lettuce wrap for extra 2.00 Add Basmati Rice or Fries to any of the warps 2.99